The Design & Delivery Process

Discovery & Planning

We’ll start by figuring out where you are. We’ll explore your audience, competition, trends in your market, and your current marketing efforts.

Then we’ll determine what emotions you want your audience to feel about your company, what attitudes you want them to have, and what you want them to know about you. Through elicitation, research, and analysis, we’ll get the perfect fit for your needs.

Design & Dev

Once we agree on the goals, objectives, and requirements of the design, we’ll do develop the design in three iterations.

Initial Concept Drafts

We’ll start with initial concept drafts. You’ll get up to nine initial concepts.

Digital Versions

Once we’ve narrowed down the right choice of concept, we’ll develop a digital iteration for further refinement. You’ll get up to three digital variations on the selected concept.

Final Refinement

After we’ve finalized the digital version, we do one last iteration of refinement.

Delivery & Printing

Once the final draft of your design is correct and complete, you’ll get all the files you need for web and print, with standard file variations for various printer requirements.

  • Grayscale (black & white) versions of logos
  • Light and dark background versions of logos, when applicable
  • Styleguide for branding identity
  • Messaging brief for branding identity
  • Print and web files for every application
  • Communication with printers and advertising media, when needed, to get the order right or
  • Fall Dev can handle the printing and deliver it to your door.

We’ll monitor the performance of the visual identity launch and recommend future steps, including ongoing content marketing and advertising. For print designs, we’ll follow up on the finished products, to ensure quality.

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