Get Customers From The Web Into Your Store

Launch a Profitable Web Presence

A profitable web presence takes research, strategy, and design. With a complete, well-designed launch, all your web marketing tools work together to reach your target audiences in the right places with the right messages, motivate them to click and call, and get them in your door.

Your profitable web presence starts with research & analysis, to get an in-depth understanding of your company, your customers, and your competition. We’ll use these insights to develop your web campaign plan, with your unique web marketing ojectives and actionable steps to reach them.

We’ll put the plan into action as we build online interest, set up and maintain your social media suite; design, test, and launch ads targeting custom, segmented audiences; and funnel traffic to a custom landing page that captures leads, while we design your website. When your new, mobile-friendly, search engine optimized website is ready to launch, we’ll bring it all together with an intensified social media, email, and advertising push. We’ll monitor the campaign results and recomend next steps, so you can keep the momentum going and the profit-generating traffic flowing.

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Discovery & Planning

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We’ll research your current web marketing efforts to understand what’s working, what’s not, and set a baseline to track our progress. We’ll use a combination of surveys, interviews, secondary research, and digital data-collection to get a complete picture of your marketing efforts.

We’ll research your:

  • audience
  • competition
  • trends in your market
  • website traffic analytics
  • site-speed performance
  • mobile & tablet friendliness
  • social media suite performance
  • site design standards & conversion rates
  • target, search engine optimized keywords and their use in your content, meta-tags, and links
  • inbound-links and search engine page-ranking for target keywords

We’ll use these insights to elicit your web marketing objectives and set targets & timelines for your campaign. We’ll outline specific deliverables, recommend ad budget options to meet your objectives, and you’ll have your campaign plan, ready for action.

Design & Dev

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Your web presence includes your website, its search engine ranking and optimization, your social media suite, email marketing, and advertising. We’ll set up your social media suite, including images and copy for your pages, set up your email marketing service and design custom templates, register your domain name, set up custom email addresses with your domain and web hosting for one year on Fall Dev servers, and set up a landing page to capture leads, build interest, and track visitors for advertising re-targeting.

With the architecture of your web presence in place, you can also have us create custom, segmented advertising audiences in your social media accounts, design, test, launch, and refine ads for your social media suite and/or Google AdWords. Fees for ads are based on ad-spend, not included in this package.

As the foundation of your web presence is laid, we’ll start your website design by working together on each stage of development, from the sitemap and conversion work-flow, to the wireframe, to coding and configuring your WordPress website, to content uploads, and final testing.

Implementation & Testing

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We’ll design your custom website on the most popular content management system on Earth, WordPress, making it easy for you to update content on your site. We’ll create your website with

  • fast loading speeds
  • SSL and extensive security features
  • responsive, mobile & tablet friendly design
  • search engine optimized content and code
  • conversion optimized layout and aesthetic
  • clean, easy-to-use design, update-to-date with latest standards and practices of web-design.

We’ll track your site traffic with Google Analytics and ensure that your site is completely integrated with all of your other marketing tools, for a well-oiled, sales funnel that we track every step of the way. After thorough testing, we’ll launch with an email blast to your list, collected from your initial landing page, social media announcements, and an optional advertising push that includes re-targeting all site visitors who visited the landing page throughout the campaign. Ads are not included in this package, but can be included as part of the launch, fees based on ad-spend. We’ll monitor the performance of the launch and recommend future steps, including ongoing content marketing and advertising.

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